8 cose da non perdere alle Maldive

1. I banchi di sabbia Shahjahan
2. Bodu Kaashi Huraa
3. il pesce cucinato nella sabbia
4. lo snorkeling al limite del reef
5. Kuda Wataru
6. I piccoli villaggi ancora autentici delle Maldive come Omhadoo
7. Malè, la base per il noleggio barche ma anche la capitale più buffa del mondo
8. La sabbia bianca

maldiveOur itinerary

Hulhumale Lagoon – Banana Reef (North Male’ Atoll) – Gulhi Island (South Male’ Atoll) Banana Reef (North Male’ Atoll) is a superb snorkelling site where you will certainly see manta rays. Set sail towards the South Male’ Atoll and anchorage in front of Gulhi Island (1h30min) Dinner will be served in the anchorage of Gulhi island.

Gulhi Island – Sand Bar (South Male’ (Kaau) Atoll) – Bodu Kaashi Huraa (South Ari Atoll) – Omadhoo Island (South Ari Atoll) – Visit of the island and its peaceful little fishermen village where you will also see a small shipyard building local boats. After 1h30min sailing you will discover a paradise on earth: Sand Bar a magnificent sand bank with white fine powder-like sand. Lunch at anchorage, swimming, snorkelling, kayaking. Then sail for 3 hours towards the Ari Atoll and moor in front of Bodu Kaashi Huraa, which is an uninhibited beautiful island surrounds by a reef with abundance of marine life. Night will be spent on the anchorage of Bodu Kaashi Huraa.

Omadhoo Island – Meerufenfushi – (South Ari Atoll) – Visit of the island and the fishermen village with its beautiful white and green houses embellished with well-kept gardens of breadfruit and mango trees. Take a 10 min walk through the village and after crossing a small shadowed forest you will arrive in a beautiful white sandy beach. For shell lovers there are plenty of porcelains and other treasures. Swimming kayaking and snorkelling. On the way back enjoy the local life style while having tea, coffee or cold drinks and nibbling delicious samossas at the local coffee shop located in front of the port. After lunch 1h30min sailing towards Meerufenfushi, a jewel, one of the most beautiful islands in the Maldives Sheltered by a small lagoon, a small natural pool lined with a paradise beach. Appreciate the protective shadow of the beautiful palm trees.

Raiga Dhigghiri – Ranveli Resort – Daghetti (South Ari Atoll)

Daghetti – Sand Bank (South Male’ Atoll) – Guraidhoo (South Male’ Atoll) that is several hundred years old and of impressive dimension. After lunch sailing for 3 hours towards the South Male’ Atoll, the boat will arrive at a sand bank, where you can snorkel or relax on the fine sand bank. After sailing for 30 minutes the boat will arrive Guraidhoo island, where there are lots of souvenir shops and visit to this village is another experience not to be missed.


Kuda Bandos Sand Bank – Kuda Wataru (Sand bank)– Boduhithi Finolhu (North Male’ Atoll) Night Sailing – 8hrs

Shahjahan Sand bank( Goidhoo Atoll) – Innafushi

Muthaafushi (Baa Atoll) –

Maarikilu (Baa Atoll)– Meedhoo –Raa Atoll ( Local Village) 3h30

Kotte Faru – Vandhoo – Rasmaadhoo island (Raa Atoll) After lunch, we will move towards Gemana Finolhu. You can take a walk on the beach or relax and watch the beautiful coral reef surrounding the lagoon. The night will be spent in the lagoon of Gemana Finolhu.

Funadhoo , Unoodhoo, Royal Island ( Baa atoll )

Royal Island Sand bank– Eydhafushi ( Baa Atoll) NIGHT SAILING

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