10 cose da non perdere in Polinesia

1. Bora-Bora, un sogno dell’immaginario nautico di ogni generazione
2. Rangiroa la meravigliosa
3. il festival dello Heiva
4. la laguna di Huahine
5. lo snorkeling lungo i reef e nelle lagune
6. i profumi di vaniglia a Tahaa
7. Una passeggiata fino al monte Otemanu
8. il tipico villaggio di Fare, a Huahine
9. Un’immersione sul reef
10. Una cena alla Villa Mahana a Bora Bora




Leeward Islands and the western part of the Society Islands

They are high volcanic islands quite close to each other and surrounded by turquoise-blue lagoons. Bora Bora is definitely the most famous of them, on account of its magnificent lagoon.
However, the other islands are every bit as good as Bora Bora with their diversity, beauty and most of all their inhabitants whose friendliness is legendary..
Just picture yourself briefly swimming or wading in turquoise-blue waters on an early morning exploration of an uninhabited ‘motu’ you dropped anchor nearby the day before,
while the crew is preparing a continental breakfast aboard your floating hotel.

Northern of Tahiti, Tuamotu archipelago
Faraway from the usual sailing cruises proposed to visitors, discover Tuamotu. This archipelago is only composed with atolls, last remnants of ancient volcanoes from which remains only the coral crown.
The different cruise program we propose will make you discover the following atolls: Fakarava, Toau, Apataki, Rangiroa et Tikehau.
During stops in the middle of a virgin landscape, you enjoy an unforgettable moment under starry sky.

Whatever the visited islands, you always meet these colours and lights illuminating Polynesia….

Day 1: Raiatea to Tahaa -10 nautical miles.
Welcome to the base in Marina Uturoa. After the chart briefing and orientation, sail east side of Tahaa. Anchor at one of the nicest spots north of the Mahea motu. Nice snorkelling spot near the coral reef or in the Passe Tohaotu – Dinner aboard

Day 2: Tahaa to Bora – Bora – 22 nautical miles from the Tahaa Papai pass to the Bora Bora 
Teavanui pass 4-5H passage downwind. Anchor at Motu Topua, swimming and snorkelling, and then take a mooring at the Bloody Mary restaurant.

Day 3: Explore Bora-Bora – 8 nautical miles
Sail to the East side of the lagoon to discover the traditional lagoonarium where you can swim with turtles, friendly rays, sharks and different kind of fishes. In the afternoon sail down to southern shore of Bora-Bora and explore the magnificent coral garden.

Day 4: Bora-Bora to Raiatea – 22 nautical miles
Start early in the morning to sail back to Raiatea for re-provisioning, fill water, ice. Call first and then sail to the Anapa Pearl farm – Take a mooring at the pearl farm – Dinner aboard.

Day 5: 10 nautical miles from Anapa Pearl farm to The Hurepiti Bay
Visit the Anapa pearl farm in the morning then sail to Tahaa after lunch. Take the Vanilla Tour mooring for the night in the Hurepiti Bay – Dinner aboard.

Day 6: Vanilla Tour. 
After breakfast, join Alain and Christina Plantier for the Vanilla Tour excursion. Sail to the motu Tautau
Anchor in the South of the motu Tautau and dinghy to the coral river between the 2 motus. One of the nicest snorkelling spots in Polynesia Dinner “chez Louise” overnight on one of her mooring.

Day 7: Tahaa
Relax or move back to the South of Tautau for a snorkelling exploration between the barrier and the motu. After lunch, you can sail to Marina Iti. Take a mooring for the night. Enjoy the night at the excellent restaurant. There is good snorkelling spot at the end of the dock. Sail back to the base before 6:00 PM.

Day 8:
Disembarkation before 9:010 AM.

Itinerary for Rangiroa 

Boarding at noon.
Panoramic lunch during the navigation to the South-East of this atoll, the Pink Sands area. Several moorings at different places, snorkelling parties in the biggest atoll of French Polynesia. Swimming in the crystal waters of Rangiroa, Diner and night at anchor.

After the breakfast, short navigation in the wilde part of this atoll.
Mooring and snorkelling discovery, fishing
Option : Local barbecue « tuamotu » on a private motu.
Leisure time on the motu : beachcombing – kayaks rides – snorkelling parties
Diner and night at anchor.

Short navigations in the south of Rangiroa, stop at Otepipi, old village of Rangiroa, discovery of this part of Rangiroa Nautical activities, snorkelling parties.
Crossing of the lagoon, sunset navigation back to Tiputa, north of Rangiroa atoll.


Short navigation to the green lagoon, at Avatoru Pass.
Lunch and nautical activities : beachcombing – kayaks rides – snorkelling parties
Option : visit of Rangiroa Château, the Tuamotu coral wine.

Early in the morning, navigation of 3 hours to Tikehau atoll . Lunch at anchor.
Snorkelling partie in a natural coral garden at the Tuheiva pass.
Afternoon, crossing of the Tikehau lagoon. Mooring and night at Ohihi motu.

Full-day discovery of the pink sand of Tikehau atoll.
Leisure and nautical activities : beachcombing – kayaks rides – snorkelling parties
Option : visit of birds island and local tuamotu barbecue on a private motu.
Short navigation to the main village of Tikehau, Tuherahera. Night at anchor, Tavania motu, south of Tikehau.

Early in the morning, navigation of 3 hours back to Rangiroa atoll.
Lunch in the lagoon, at Tiputa village.
Leisure and nautical activities, tropical fish watching
Option : Transfer on Avatoru village & visit of a Pearl Farm.

Landing at 08.00 am

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